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Halima’s Story

Halima had received a letter from Bristol City Council informing her of substantial Council Tax debt and rent arrears.

On investigation we discovered that this was due to the sudden removal of her council tax single occupancy discount covering several years. The council had checked records of credit reference agencies and the electoral role as part of a city wide review, and concluded that her son was living at her address.

However, Halima told us that her son had not lived there since he left home to go to college several years ago. He had no secure address and stayed with friends or slept in his camper van whilst he moved around looking for work.

Halima allowed her son to use her address as a postal address and to keep him on the electoral register, as she did not want him to lose the right to vote. We helped her gather evidence that her son was living elsewhere and we assisted her to appeal against the council’s decision.

Halima’s appeal to the Valuation Tribunal was successful, her discount was reinstated and her future will now be debt free.

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