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Mr Bailey’s Story

Our advisers help people in crisis and at risk of losing their home, but are able to step in again when their circumstances change.

Mr Bailey is single, worked full time as a self-employed taxi driver and needed help with rent arrears of over £2,500 and £3,000 of credit debts.

Mr Bailey told the adviser that he had previously been to a court possession hearing and had agreed to pay full rent plus £130.00 per week to clear his arrears.

Unfortunately, due to illness he was no longer able to work or afford the repayments, and because of this had failed to keep to the agreement. His landlord had now served an eviction notice and Mr Bailey would need to attend another court hearing.

After helping Mr Bailey to complete, it was clear to the adviser that he could not afford these repayments and because of this had failed to keep to the agreement. We assisted Mr Bailey complete a financial statement and forms in preparation for his court hearing. The adviser attended court with the client and helped him put his case.

The judge agreed to new terms of full rent plus £25.00 per week to repay his rent arrears.

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